Floor Systems

Labor: Floor systems are erected using fewer people.
Speed: Floor systems are erected in a fraction of the time required by conventional construction.
Easy Installation: Floor systems are easier to install allowing for less skilled labor.
Scheduling: Once the materials are on site, there are fewer delays waiting for sub-contractors as fewer trades are required.
Project Efficiency: Your building is accessible to other trades in less time.
Steel Framed floors systems provide a platform from which other trades can work.
Concrete: Steel Framed floor systems use ONLY 35% of the concrete used in conventional construction.
Steel: Steel Framed floor systems DO NOT REQUIRE Re-bar.
Lumber: Steel Framed floor systems DO NOT REQUIRE lumber. NO shoring, NO forming.
Engineering: We provide FREE engineering assistance AND every client gets a set of shop and erection drawings.

Steel Framed floor systems can be used on a small commercial structure with a mezzanine or a multi-story office or condominium.